The Loop Drawings (Untitled)

I would probably consider all of these drawings (or paintings if you must) as part of one series. The first two images are from using my great grandfathers sheet music. At first, I was very hesitent to paint on top of the sheets, and to be honest - I still am. The reason I chose to go for it, is because of the personal history that already exists on the paper. I found the music buried in boxes in my moms apartment. There are probably hundreds of pages that will never be used. I personally, can not read music - however, I can appreciate the hard work and dedication that was put into the process. I felt like the boxes of sheet music was kind of a sentimental burden for my mom. She carries the music from one apartment to the next. There’s a sense of guilt and responsibility that comes along with family history. I like the idea of this concept getting wrapped up into my paintings.

The pink paintings in the third and fourth images are also inspired by the sheet music. Less history, more hand writing and energetically driven.