The Painting Portrait Project pt 4, Redwood Regional Park, CA

All photographs taken by Eric Einwiller

Today I finished my application for the VSCO Artist Initiative. It’s a good thing it had to be under 1500 Characters. I could have gone on forever. Here’s what I had to say in my application:


My name is Heather. I’m an abstract painter living in San Francisco. The vision of my project is simple: I want to remove my paintings from the typical gallery environment and bring them back to the situations, locations, and human contexts that inspired them. This is a portrait project that ecompasses all aspects of my artistic process.

I’m inspired by the unexpectedly significant moments in life, whether it’s a hike I took last fall, a wait at the bus stop last week, or the lingering words from a memory I have of a friend. My current paintings reflect connections with people in relation to their environments. Painting can be so personal, and, often times, isolated. After painting behind the closed doors of my studio, I want to travel to open up the experience. I’m interested in exposing the artistic process to my peers through collaboration with the community, other artists, and newfound environments.

Beginning in the studio, I will document the process of building canvases, critiquing work, sketching, and painting through a visual diary. Next, I will travel to re-connect my paintings to what triggers these moments of inspiration. These trips would involve physically transporting my art to unconventional locations such as stores, parks, and train stations. This is a portrait project in which I will be holding and installing the paintings in the environment that they reflect.

You can view what I have started on my blog. With your help, I’ll be able to push the boundaries of how the public understands art and exceed my expectations of the creative process that I hold for myself.

( wish me luck, fingers crossed! )