Lately, I’ve been thinking about the art of blending. Or, the act of marrying two separate entities and forming a bond—something completely new.


This idea struck me as we sat down with Imagery Winery at our last Studio Table dinner, which centered around celebrating the launch of their California Tier wines. The winery has made a name for themselves as patrons of the arts, namely through featuring artistically-inspired bottle labels. That evening, we tried each of their newest releases. Chef Ben paired the four wines with particular dishes, from the bright sauvignon blanc coupled with crisp endive to the rich port paired with darkly sweet hazelnut. Tasting how each wine blended with a complementary element had me keen to translate the idea in the studio this week. I'm curious how the minute detail involved in blends—whether they be for the palette or for the palate—can be broadened and applied. 

We wrote more about our evening with Imagery Winery on the Studio Table Journal. I hope you’ll take a look.

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