A year ago, I had an idea.

Why not host dinners in my studio?

It was an open and interesting space. I was looking for ways to build community and forge new relationships in San Francisco. And I’d met the perfect people to build the idea with me. So, why not go for it?

Fast forward 12 months. This idea—now called Studio Table—has come to fruition. In fact, it’s grown and blooming.

Studio Table_Anniversary Essay-11.jpg

Michelle, Ben, and I took an idea and applied creative thought and inspiration. Then we stayed open-minded and embraced change, just letting the process guide us. Studio Table now stands as a tribute to the magic of the creative process. Much like a painting, it began as an organic, flowing idea and then became an ever-evolving art concept. Studio Table is not only the creative work of many hands though, it’s also a grassroots solution to San Francisco’s problem of isolation.  We initially bonded over discussing the difficulty of meeting people of diverse backgrounds and perspectives in the city. To us, Studio Table became the vehicle to join people together by reaching into the diverse circles of San Francisco and creating new communities through shared experiences.

Today, Studio Table celebrates a year. A year of creative experimentation. A year of trial and error. And a year of giving people a way to genuinely connect.

If you’re interested in Studio Table, then read our full essay here.