I'm pleased to announce my participation in the Art on Paper NYC Fair in preparation for my upcoming solo exhibition with Hashimoto Contemporary in San Francisco this coming May. But first, I'd like to take a step back.

Sometimes I Mirror You  ,  detail,  30" x 22", mixed media on paper, 2018

Sometimes I Mirror You, detail, 30" x 22", mixed media on paper, 2018

I'm sitting on a dilapidated bench on third street watching the street car surge by me. I'm aware of the motion of my eyes as I attempt to focus on a single point of the moving object. Struggling to follow the train's fluid motion, my eyes seem to jump from wheel, to window, to door, and back again. It reminds me of the way my mind jumps between past, present, and future.

Being in the present seems hard to me. I’m skeptical that people truly can. I feel like I’m always being pushed into the next moment, perpetually tumbling forward. I’m curious.


Yet, after my solo show last October, the theme of stillness, of being present, kept popping up. Originally, I planned to take a big trip after Conversations and Color concluded. I thought I needed a separation from past work to develop my next series of paintings.

We Already See These Things  , 30" x 22 on paper &   Swimming Pools  , 30" x 22" on paper, 2018

We Already See These Things, 30" x 22 on paper & Swimming Pools, 30" x 22" on paper, 2018

But that didn’t happen. There were projects after projects that kept me in the studio, forcing me to continue making work. Through this, I found a flaw in my practice. My desire to keep moving and uncover new perspectives had gotten in the way of me being present, and reflecting. I rarely pause to work through the realizations and experiences from previous bodies of work. I felt an unfamiliar desire; to keep still.         

And that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. But keeping still doesn’t mean taking a break. I’ve kept still by simply staying in San Francisco, reflecting on what I’ve learned and enjoying the everyday moments. The emerging paintings look deeply into tendencies and repetitions- while continuing to reference the natural world. These could be vague moments—like how we always pick the same spot to sit at the cafe or prefer a particular route to walk home from the train.

Junk Yard #12  ,  detail , mixed media on paper, 2018

Junk Yard #12, detail, mixed media on paper, 2018

The same thing is true to my paintings. There are certain tendencies and repeating concepts—like motion, texture and emotion. This used to scare me as I avoid formulaic thinking, but this year, rather than thinking about these details as formula, I’m leaning into the patterns. And keeping still.

Here's a glimpse of my new paintings at the Art on Paper Fair in New York City with Hashimoto Contemporary Gallery and stay tuned as I prepare for my solo show, Keep Still this coming May.

Junk Yard #12  , 30" x 22" on paper &   Sometimes I Mirror You  ,  30" x 22" on paper, 2018

Junk Yard #12, 30" x 22" on paper & Sometimes I Mirror You, 30" x 22" on paper, 2018

View the available works going to NYC Art on Paper Fair, here and mark your calendar:

Keep Still opening reception on May 5th, 2018 - 6-9pm @ Hashimoto Contemporary . The exhibition is open to the public May 5th- May 28th in San Francisco, CA.