A few months ago, I realized that I’d fallen into a formula with my work. Subconsciously, I added paint, water, pastel and graphite and then multiplied by the color blue to create a finished piece—an equation I not only enjoyed, but had nestled into. As someone who heavily describes her process as experimental, realizing that I’d trapped myself into an equation created an urge to leave the studio and challenge my work. Around the same time, my boyfriend Chase was wrapping up a tour and the launch of his new album, and I had released the last paintings before my solo show this coming fall. Feeling a little drained from producing, networking and circulating our work, both of us needed fresh perspective and time to recharge our batteries somewhere new. After only six months of dating we traveled to London to make art in a shared studio space.  One musician. One painter. Same space. Needless to say, traveling and working together was both a personal and professional risk, but we were curious about the results.

We wrote an article together about the experience. Find it on Medium, HERE. Speaking of which, here's a sneak peek video that Claudia Rocha created on our trip. See more on Medium.