During the course of the show, Athen B. and I held a series of art-centered lectures presented by Subaru in our pop up gallery space. The series, called SAY, was born from a desire to bring our community together for a shared experience. After a year working on the paintings, I wanted to present the results, offer what I had to say and then take a step back to hear other voices. So, I invited 12 artists to give talks and a whole community to listen. 

Say Lecture series hosted by Heather Day
Say Lecture Series by Heather Day

We began SAY Oct. 10 with Sorell Tsui and Luke Williams, each giving reference to the process of building and installing a show from the ground up. The Conversations and Color show had an identity—we’d created a typeface and unique colors for the collection—which is dissimilar to most gallery shows. Their individual talks helped me explain the ideas behind the show in my talk that night. I offered a process tour, explaining and walking through many of the paintings.

The following Tuesday, we had artists speaking on the importance of community to art. James Fleming, Chase McBride, Anna Sergeeva and Thomas Koff individually spoke on the overlap between art and community. Chase gave a talk on flow states and how he draws from his community when seeking inspiration. And Thomas broke down the processes of the brain when it experiences creativity. He brought goggles for the audience to take a second look at the hung works—we each wandered throughout the space taking in the perspective change.

Say Lecture Series by Heather Day
Say Lecture Series by Heather Day

On the final night, we held a women’s panel, where women artists of diverse backgrounds and genres gathered together to speak. Meryl Pataky, Kelly Ording, Yetunde Olabaju, Nicomi Nix Turner, Erin Fong, Lena Gustafson and I discussed careers in art. Although we disagreed on more than one topic, we came together and agreed that artists shouldn’t disguise how hard they work.

Each of those nights, in the space generously donated by The East Cut, we experienced journeys of thoughts guided by the creative process. Together we listened, processed and reflected, either to ourselves or with another person. Conversations inspired the work behind this show. It just made sense to bring people together to create more.

Thank you to each of the artists that spoke and to Subaru for sponsoring this lecture series. Our partnership with Subaru allowed us to offer a stipend to each speaker and print the paper takeaways for guests to take home. For more information on each of our speakers that night, I’ve included links to their respective sites.

Oct. 10

Sorell Tsui, Director of Athen B. Gallery

Luke Williams, Creative Director and designer

Heather Day, Artist

Oct. 17

James Fleming

Chase McBride, Musician

Anna Sergeeva, Artist

Thomas Koff, Artist

Oct. 24: Woman Artists PanelHosted by Alfonso Cosio From SFMoMA Artists Gallery

Heather Day

Meryl Pataky

Kelly Ording

Yetunde Olabaju

Nicomi Nix Turner

Erin Fong

Lena Gustafson

Say Lecture Series by Heather Day
Say Lecture Series hosted by Heather Day
Say Lecture Series by Heather Day

A word on partnerships: With the objective of remaining true to my art and lifestyle, I only agree to partnerships with companies I respect. Therefore, I’m thankful for companies like Subaru, who are involved in bettering communities, and support my practice as an artist. I want to be as transparent as possible out of respect for my readers and in accordance with the FTC law of 2013. All content and opinions are my own. For more information on my views please read my open letter regarding partnerships.

Written by Heather Day. Edited and Polished by Kate Holthouser. Select photos by Margaret Austin and Athen B Gallery.