Studio Table x Lululemon | Heather Day Journal

I recently started a new project in my studio called Studio Table. With local Chef, Ben Roche and my business partner, Michelle Wei- We're bringing people together to challenge expectations and create conversations, beginning with a shared meal. My intentions with this project has been to branch out to new communities and ultimately, take advantage of my creative space by inviting new conversations. 

Just last week Studio Table hosted a unique dinner with lululemon. Candles and evergreen branches dotting the table and new faces coming through the door, this dinner, our capstone of 2016, was an opportunity to let mental background noise settle and live fully in the present moment.

Focused on the intersection of mindfulness and connectivity, the evening began like many others, but took us into deeper territory—thanks to ideas lululemon brought to the table. Their background as a grassroots company and the value they place on self-improvement and development gave us common ground—which sparked conversations and emboldened us to participate purposefully. -- Read more on our Studio Table Journal, here

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Studio Table x Lululemon | Heather Day Journal

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