Combining the disciplines of food and art isn’t a new idea. In fact, there’s a long-standing tradition of food as artistic medium, from Dutch Baroque and Spanish Baroque paintings, to Cezanne's apples, to Felix Gonzelez-Torres' candies, to Andy Warhol's banana soup cans / cakes. The process of melding and transforming materials is fundamentally creative, but when food also has the capacity to inspire diverse interpretations and allude to deeper meanings, it becomes art.

Food photographer Katie Newburn, cocktail stylist Ashley Rose Conway, food stylist Mary Valentin, and chef Amanda Frederickson are four artists that capture those moments when food and art become one.

Katie Newburn

Above photos and video by: Katie Newburn / @cloudsandcoffee

When I’m behind the camera, everything slows down and disappears. I know that I’m where I’m supposed to be.
— Katie Newburn

Katie Newburn is a food photographer from Napa Valley, currently based in Los Angeles. The depth of her photographs brings to mind traditional chiaroscuro paintings thanks to the striking differences between light and dark.

Katie captures and honors the creative process of cooking, preferring to collaborate with other artists and chefs. About this method she says, "Allowing the other artists to do what they do is really, really important. I like standing back and giving them room to work, but also working together to make it better than we could have on our own."

Craft + Cocktails

Above photos  by: Craft + Cocktails / @ashroseconway



Craft + Cocktails is the brainchild of Ashley Rose Conway, a SF-based cocktail shaker & stylist (among other things, including owning a handmade piñata business.) She creates seasonally focused and visually stimulating cocktails for all mixology skill levels. Taking the idea of alchemy, or mixing substances together to create an intoxicating new one, Conway works to create original recipes and images for a host of different brands and blogs.

Mary Valentin

Food is loaded with history, meaning and possibility and must be treated with great respect.
— Mary Valentin

Mary Valentin is a food stylist based in Chicago. Drawing inspiration from both culinary and visual arts, Mary doesn't believe in 'over-styling' or 'over-perfecting’ foods. She relies instead on the beauty of natural imperfections to create visually compelling compositions. Each of her stylings centers on the ingredients, producing crisp, natural images that capture food as a sensory art form. 

Amanda Frederickson

Above photos by: Amanda Frederickson / @amandafrederickson

Amanda Frederickson is a chef, photographer, and lifestyle blogger living in L.A. She uses simple, yet compelling ingredients to create dynamic scenes in her kitchen. Her photos seamlessly meld color and texture to inspire chefs of all levels of expertise to experiment and create. 


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