I've had this post on hold for a while now. Realizing that I've been keeping a mental note of my favorite films/previews or even ads - I decided it was time to start compiling them and look for connections. I've always had a little bit of envy for those who can capture emotion so well in film. It's the most fluid form of art because it's somewhat literal. Moving images, sound, color- Sometimes, I can even imagine how something would taste or smell in the film. 

There's something that resonates with me in these particular shorts. I've been holding off on sharing it because I was waiting to have a larger collection. I suppose it will continue growing so I've decided to just curate them as I explore further. 

Bare with me on these, because I realize they are somewhat dark or sad. I'm particularly drawn to the sense of light and color in this series. Aesthetically, there are deep contrasts and contradicting colors ranging between blues and oranges. Conceptually, there's a truth here. This is something that I'm exploring personally in my work. How can I create an honest painting? What does that mean? I wonder what these directors are exploring personally and how that translates for them in film.