As an artist and all-around curious human, an important part of my artistic practice is exploring  a rich network of artists. I find it incredibly rewarding to connect with other creative people who using a wide array of mediums.

Welcome to my new blog post series where I'll be sharing the work of people who inspire me! You can expect to see a lot of my friends and eventually, I'll make my way to complete strangers. 

This week, I'm particularly inspired by Emma Fineman, Sara and Rich Combs, and Aleksandra Zee - "like minds" who are also using the landscape as inspiration in their work. From photography, to design, to woodworking, these three artists each make work that is grounded in simplicity, yet highlight the beauty of wilderness and a defined sense of place.

Emma Fineman is a freelancer photographer and painter, based out of the San Francisco Bay Area. Emma is also is the creative force behind the illustrative clothing brand Weft+Hide. As a photographer, Emma draws inspiration from the landscape and people surrounding her.

I met Emma a couple of years ago at a show and we hit it off right away. It turns out we went to the same college (MICA) and graduated just a year apart. Aside from having a beautiful Instagram feed, you might also recognize her because she documented my mural progress in San Francisco last February. 

Sara and Rich Combs make up a dynamic and creative partnership. While running design studio Hexagon that they founded together, they took time offline to redesign an incredible 1949 Hacienda in Joshua Tree. The interior perfectly highlights the surrounding desert landscape in all it's beauty and history.

I met Sarah Combs through mutual friends that also went to MICA. It turns out, there are a lot of us in the Bay Area! Since I usually work alone in the studio, Sara is my go to person for coffee/work dates in the city. Sara and Rich recently purchased two of my paintings for their home in Joshua Tree. I can't wait to visit! You can catch the duo on Instagram : @saracombs @richcombs.

Oakland-based artist Aleksandra Zee builds beautiful and intricate wooden wall hangings, headboards, and tabletops. Her work is rooted in her own travel experiences, like trips to the desert, spending time in front of the ocean, and being out amongst the trees.

Aleksandra and I met on during a project with the company, Intermix. She was designing the backsplash for the new palo alto location while I was working on a tote bag. It turns out we're neighbors in San Francisco and cross paths quite a bit. You can find Aleksandra on Instagram @aleksandrazee

Do you have an artist or designer that would fit this new blog series? We'd love to hear from you! Please share in a comment below. 

This post was written and edited by Heather Day and Hannah P. Mode.