You're Invited | Heather Day

I'm bringing my Oakland studio to San Francisco for three solid days! Come by to check out the launch of my new clothing line with BONMOT. Expect lots of art, friendly faces and the new line.

Inspired by a conversation about painting as installation and fashion as art, the collaboration is a union of my experiences as a painter and BONMOT's love for fashion that embraces the unexpected prints and patterns.

The 5-piece capsule collection was created from my experimental paintings in nature, movement and color. For the Picking Up the Pieces print,  we pulled elements of my paintings created while traveling around the west coast. The process resulted in two distinct prints, including one with original color details and a second turned black and white, distilling the painting to its core compositional elements and textures. The Strokes print was created using an excerpt from a larger painting that harnesses textured lines, and brings to life the movement and energy inherent in my paintings. The Portrait print primarily consists of a single, large scale painting, shrunken and repeated to create a more classic garment print. The colors are derivative of the mountains and sands along the coast of California.

Be the first to see and shop the line in The Mission District of San Francisco next weekend. 10/23-10/25. RSVP to the public event here. See you soon! 

3338 24th Street, San Francisco CA 94110

You're Invited | Heather Day