Heather Day's Studio in Oakland, CA

Yesterday, talented photographer and artist, Emma Fineman visited my studio. We talked just about everything--from painting, photography to business. We discussed my process of working and I was delighted to find out how much of it resonated with her. This morning she posted photos and a lovely writeup describing my relationship with painting and mark making:

"The variation is texture, size and method in which she applies the paint to her surface develops a hierarchy that is then reinstated by the color relationships that exist in her paintings. I love how she furthers this variation by including the use of sewn thread, which she intermittently stitches through her surface adding yet another layer of volume to her paintings. While in her studio, Heather explained to me that she enjoys the action of sewing the thread in her process. She expressed that she often works quite quickly, and appreciates the way in which hand sewing slows everything down for her.

Read more on Emma Fineman's blog.

Also, Emma has a killer instagram feed!

Detail shot of Heather Day's painting
Heather Day drawings
Detail of Heather Day studio

All photos are by Emma Fineman.